And we went to the theatre… (1º y 2º ESO)

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     On the 4th of April, first and second-year students went to Teodoro Sánchez Punter community centre in San José to watch a play in English. For about an hour, a woman and a man from London played some scenes about Frankestein, the famous story. Mary Shelley wrote it and the idea started when some writers met at Lake Geneva.
     The actors were two friends who wanted to upload a short film about this story to the Internet. Since each  had different ideas to film, they decided to play the two suggestions and choose the best. First, the boy proposed to perform some scenes by a lake. Secondly, the girl wanted to do the part when they created the monster in the lab. Afterwards, both of them agreed to perform the last act when the girl was scared by Frankestein. Later, they uploaded the funniest scene to the web. Finally they gave us ten minutes to ask them any doubt. In our opinion it was funny, but the language level was difficult. We learnt new vocabulary and we also knew more about this amusing and recommended story.

María Enguita and Mar Montero (2º ESO C)

     La pasada semana (4 de abril) fuimos a un teatro en inglés en Zaragoza. Los actores representaron Mary Frankenstein. El chico era muy divertido y nos hizo muchas bromas y tonterías y eso me entretuvo mucho. La chica sólo me hizo reír un poco pero representaba un papel interesante.
     Pienso que la obra era una comedia con toques de tragedia. Mi parte favorita fue cuando le pregunté al chico si podía representar la figura de Frankenstein y el me dijo “Sí, ven aquí…” y yo dije “No, no…” y entonces me vi a mí mismo bailando encima del escenario. Fue muy divertido.
     En resumen, ¡un gran día!

Pedro Keita (2° ESO E)