And we went to the theatre… (3º y 4º ESO)

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     On Wednesday, 6th April, 3ESO and 4ESO students went to see an English theatre play. The play was called “The final answer” and it was performed by two actors.

     The story was about a girl who participated in a television contest, she had to answer the questions correctly with the audience's help, a telephone call or a special wildcard. The contest was to answer 10 questions right to make money but as it was the last program the prize was three million pounds. The question had different subjects, for example: What was Sherlock Holmes' address? How many wives did Henry VIII have? Who was Peter Pan written by? The contestant asked for help to the public, and they went up to the stage.

     At the end the contestant lost all the money that she had, because she failed the last question.

     The play was entertaining and the actors were funny, however, I think it was kind of repetitive and some questions were very difficult to us.

     Even so, we had a great time!

Nerea Vega, Raquel Casaus, Jorge Paúl y María Buil. 4º ESO A