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    Our last “English Week” in Tossa de Mar (Gerona) was gorgeous. We had a very great time, not only students but also teachers. This is not the first time I.E.S. Angel Sanz Briz proposes this activity as part of the English Language Department´s program, and every year the number of students who want to participate is bigger.
In this interesting activity our 1st, 2nd and 3rd E.S.O. students practice their oral English with the help of young native monitors while they enjoy a very funny week practicing different adventure sports.
    At the end of the week the students were asked to prepare a brief account of their stay so that their partners get to know the different activities they enjoyed from the 21st to the 26th, June, 2015:

     “We left Casetas on Sunday 21st at 3 o´clock in the afternoon. We travelled for 6 hours and we got very tired.
When we arrived we met our monitors and they came with us to show us our bungalows and we left our luggage there before having dinner.”

Tomás Lázaro, Alejandro Lacasta, Guiral García, Bruno Lima, Marcos de Paz

     “On Monday morning we met our monitors again and they divided us into three groups. They  explained us all about the activities.
In the afternoon we went to the forest and we played high ropes, zip-wire, climbing wall, archery, etc.”
Juan Sánchez, Costy Alexandru, Pablo Cajal, Ángel Marco, Alejandro Galán


     “On Tuesday we went to the forest again and we practiced new games in which we had to cooperate in groups to win. They were very funny activities like crossing a trunk, throwing balls into bottles, etc.”
Samuel García, Camilo Ríos, Juan D. Jiménez

     “On Wednesday at 10 a.m. the monitor came as every morning and we walked until reaching a rock. There we dived, practiced snorkeling and rock jumping, etc.
     At 12:30 we went back to the campsite. At 15:00 the monitors came again and we went to the swimming-pool. There we played pool games. After it we went to a part of the camping where we sang and danced with monitors.
     At 18:00 we had free time.”

Patricia Juez, Sofía Antequera, Nerea Villalba, María Calvo, Sandra González

     “On Thursday morning we went to the beach to do some activities in the water: paddle-surf, canoes, pedals, etc. We had to stand up and dance “La Macarena” or change to another canoe. It was very funny and a lot of people fell into the water.
In the afternoon we did an activity called “Blind Date”; first, we talked with the monitors about our perfect boy or girlfriend and then we played different games related to this topic. It was probably the time when we laughed more during the week. Questions and answers were so crazy that the monitors couldn´t talk because they were also laughing.
     At night we went to the disco (we had a light disco every night from 21:00 to 23:00 more or less). This was the funniest night. We danced with native people and also with our teachers Silvia and Raquel. After that we met outside one of our bungalows to talk.”

Andrea Valles, Isabel Lasmarías, Verónica Marco, Lydia Jiménez, Claudia Fuertes

     “On Friday morning, after having breakfast, we went to the forest to play two different activities. The first one was called “climbing boxes” and the second one “orienteering”. In this last game we divided into groups and we had to find letters in the trees to form words. Our teachers also participated. This was a difficult activity because we had to use a compass.
     When we finished we came back to the camping to have lunch. After it we received our diplomas and said good-bye to our monitors. It was very sad. Then we got into the bus and came back home.”

Marta Sebastián, Cristina Sánchez, Ana Tejero, Ángela Lezcano, Natalia Marina
    Finally, Silvia Montañés, Noelia Moré, Aitana Real, Loreto Lacasta and Mar Montero prepared a set of questions to ask Irish monitors about their experience in the campsite (they are all doing their university practices here for 6 months):
1.- Which one has been your best experience in the campsite?
KAREN: Meeting new Spanish kids every week and being able to work outside every day.
SHANNEN: Meeting of all you wonderful people!!!
SULLY: The time Alex (Alejandro Galán) fell at the pool. It was very funny!!! (laughs)
2.- Tell us a funny anecdote .
KAREN: We pushed all the activity monitors into the pool in their uniform before work on their last day.
SHANNEN: Water balloon fight with monitors and children.
SULLY: One time during “blind date”one of the children (Alex again) did not know that the teachers were present when he asked strange questions. (laughs)
3.- Which activity is the funniest one in your opinion?
KAREN: Water sports.
SHANNEN: I love water sports.
SULLY: I love “rock jumping” and “snorkeling”. I love the water and seeing all the fish.
4.- What did you like the least of your daily routine?
KAREN: Waking up early.
SHANNEN: I love everything but walking up big hill early in the morning.
SULLY: Not eating breakfast because I preferred to sleep for an extra 20 minutes.
5.- Which activity would you like to have included in the camp?
KAREN: More beach time.
SHANNEN: Trip to Barcelona.
SULLY: More parties!!!