William Shakespeare: 400 years of fame

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     This year 2016 we not only celebrate the 400th anniversary of Cervantes´ death but also Shakespeare´s and we decided to devote some classes to show our students the relevance of this literary figure as the major exponent of the English language.
We asked our E.S.O. students to search for information about Shakespeare and his time and the result was an active participation and an interesting exposition showed in our school library.

     Este año 2016 no solo celebramos el 400 aniversario de la muerte de Cervantes sino también de la de Shakespeare, y decidimos dedicar algunas de nuestras clases a mostrarles a nuestros alumnos la importancia de esta figura literaria como máximo exponente de la lengua inglesa.
Les pedimos a los alumnos de la E.S.O. que buscaran información sobre Shakespeare y su época y el resultado fue una participación activa y una interesante exposición que fue mostrada en la biblioteca del centro.

     This is a brief summary written by two of our students:
     Este es un breve resumen escrito por dos de nuestros alumnos:
     William Shakespeare was an English poet and a playwright who is considered the greatest writer in the English language and worldwide. He wrote a lot of famous works like “Hamlet”, “Othello”, “King Lear” or “Macbeth”.
     Shakespeare was born on 26th, April, 1564 in Stratford-upon-Avon and his death was on 23rd, April, 1616, the same day of Cervantes´ death. This day is very important because it is celebrated “The Day of the Book” in commemoration of their deaths. Shakespeare was Cervantes´ rival but both wrote a lot of beautiful works. It was a curiosity that these two highlighting literary figures died the same day.

     Shakespeare was the son of John Shakespeare, wool commercial, butcher and landowner and his mother was Mary Arden. They had a good life because John managed to become major. However, when Shakespeare was 13 his father lost his fortune and this fact affected the writer´s life because he had to abandon his studies and start working helping in a butcher´s.
William also wrote theatre plays and also sonnets. His plays became very famous and trendy. “Romeo and Juliet” is considered his best-known play. It became very popular and a lot of people saw it.
                                                               Alejandro Galán and Juan Sánchez, 3ºE.S.O.C